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My name is Sheela. Travel is one my passions. I Dream to travel the world. There is something about travel that brings me immense joy. I remember being around 15-16 years old and reading through travel magazines and making a bucket list of all the places, I would love to visit one day. And Yes… I have made my first Euro trip to Paris, Holland and Switzerland in 2008. And it happened to be one of the best and most memorable trips in my life.  Along with travel memories, I also brought home my first Louis Vuitton handbag (a little splurge in early 20’s).

Fast forward few years I began to realize that along with travel and fashion, life brings in new adventures every day. As the story of my life unfolds, I now enjoy all the little things in life along with my passion to travel.

Golden Footprints is a blog mostly devoted to my travel diaries, lifestyle and all the little things I enjoy in life.  So, thank you again for stopping by!

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xo, Sheela

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