Love at First Sight..


Handbag : Chanel

Ah! The joy of owning a classic Chanel bag… feeling the genuine lamb skin leather is beyond words.

It all happened when I went to the shopping mall right before Diwali (Indian festival). Every year I would buy a piece of Jewelry (either bangles or earrings) for Diwali as a tradition. But that year after buying some new clothes at Zara (one of my favorite places to shop) I walked into the Chanel store. Always visit this store to check out the seasonal collections. This time around I fell in love with this beauty and after trying it on; I knew it had to be mine. So I thought to myself… “How about I get myself an accessory that is so iconic in the fashion industry this year”. And yes… with that thought my longtime dream came true. I got my first Chanel 🙂 for Diwali.

And the lady who sold the bag to me at the store mentioned about the “hidden zipper compartment” .. Shhh… its a Secret! Check out the details here.

I actually own a Chanel now :).. Yay..




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