Love at First Sight..


Handbag : Chanel

Ah! The joy of owning a classic Chanel bag… feeling the genuine lamb skin leather is beyond words.

It all happened when I went to the shopping mall right before Diwali (Indian festival). Every year I would buy a piece of Jewelry (either bangles or earrings) for Diwali as a tradition. But that year after buying some new clothes at Zara (one of my favorite places to shop) I walked into the Chanel store. Always visit this store to check out the seasonal collections. This time around I fell in love with this beauty and after trying it on; I knew it had to be mine. So I thought to myself… “How about I get myself an accessory that is so iconic in the fashion industry this year”. And yes… with that thought my longtime dream came true. I got my first Chanel 🙂 for Diwali.

And the lady who sold the bag to me at the store mentioned about the “hidden zipper compartment” .. Shhh… its a Secret! Check out the details here.

I actually own a Chanel now :).. Yay..




Sweet Surprise



I got a text from hubby around 11:10 a.m. today – “Hey, What’s for lunch?” To which I respond… “Not much just a boring salad, wish I could do Mexican instead”. I waited few minutes and there was no response back.

Around 12:00 Noon… Received another text saying “Ditch the salad, let’s go eat Mexican food”.

What do you mean “let’s go”? – I responded

“Let’s go on a lunch date, I will be waiting for you in the visitors parking lot”- He texted back.  No words to describe how happy I felt at that minute … Definitely one of the best surprises ever!!

We went to Jose Tejas, it’s the closest to my work place and one of my favorite Tex-Mex favorites.

I have wanted to write my first post for a long time now but was not sure where to start. Today I have this special moment to share as my first post :). So…Worth the wait.

Baby Shower in India



Bangle ceremony.. Important part of baby shower tradition!


Mehendi (Put this on the night before the baby shower)


Yellow saree by Gaurang, Jewelry by Tibarumal and Photo Credit – Photriya

Welcoming a new baby into the family is undoubtedly a happy occasion for everyone. It has been 2 years since we had our baby girl and our baby shower celebrations are still fresh in my memory. I must say it was one of the perfect occasions in our life.



The baby shower took place in India and included pretty much all the things I love. Right from Décor to homemade food everything was traditional and beautifully done.  And of course lots and lots of desserts (Indian Sweets).  Over all everything turned out to be so amazing.

I was so overwhelmed by all the love. Blessed and grateful to have such lovely family and friends!

After returning to USA, we had another maternity photo shoot. It had snowed the night before and so the pictures turned out to be perfect.



Dress : Gaurang

A big thanks to my husband and family for making it all happen <3. Not that I would expect any less from them 🙂 haha..





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